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g e t t i n o l d .

Three days.

I'm going to be 29 in THREE DAYS.

Not that its that big of a deal, millions of people turn 29 every day adn the world doesn't end. But birthdays are oen fo those times when you take stock in our life (and usually drink too much).

My life in general has turned out pretty good so far, all things considered...

But the thing that REALLY makes you look at yourself:

The first one of "The Guys",
(a.k.a. "The Jerks I grew up with")

Now, we're all happy for said Groom-to-be, and most of us are going to make it there to enjoy the event (read: reception) and wish him our best. However, the thing I'm waiting to see most is how everybody handles it.

They guy getting married went the artsy path from boyhood, when we were all boy-machines-of-violence-and-noise; so I don't expect a total bash of booze and hookers, but I do expect...

Actually, I have NO Idea what to expect.


Thank the good lord I'm not going stag...

There WILL at least be a big Barbecue on my birthday, tho. (Not in honor of me, groom-boy is only six hours younger than I am. Lets see who remembers)

Check back for a report on what managed to piss me off in about a week.

In other news:

Pic o' Slap The g/f made me open the b-day presents she bought me this past weekend, and her friend helped me do somehting I've always wanted to do...

My hair is BLUE.

The pic to the right was after the brown was bleached out and Gretch took a polaroid (which I scanned with my new scanner!)
and the next morning we put the blue in.

Was it worth it? Entirely. Just for the reaction people on the street walking to work give you (one guy yelled "cool haircut" at me during my smoke break at work today - I feel my hipness has been validated...). The best part is, you don't even notice it yourself, so you forget your hair IS blue and wonder what the hell their problem is...

One last note, go visit lemonbugg. She's cool.

SLap Out.

25 Aug 98

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