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just plain friggin' stupid.

Please, first read this.

go on.... I can wait.

Now someone ask me again why engineers generally think Marketing people aren't all that quick on the uptake...

I mean, as a whole, engineers may not be the hippest people, but were at the very least smart enough to NOT WALK ON BURNING HOT COALS IN A FUTILE EFFORT TO FIND OUR CODING CHAKRA'S FOCUS.

Maybe they should have walked barefoot across a few burning $600 Jupiter reports that will tell them something, then show it to them in bright four-color glossy charts, then tell them again some very thing their office maintenance guy could have told them out of goddamn common sense.

Yeah, tell me again the whole business of marketing shit isn't just one big circlejerk invented by economists for their business school friends that weren't good at math.

Other, Fun stupidity:

You may not find this funny, but I did. At the very least, you'll kill 10 minutes you were suppossed to be using to do work.

Slap Out

6 Oct 01

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