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back to business

Hey, yo.

So I'm back and going to possibly write about the goddamn Miss America pageant and the premiere of Enterprise this weekend, but I thought I'd give y'all a few thoughts I've had the time to have between moving the office and rewtiting half the site in the past two weeks...

First and foremost, anyone who watched the first Late Show on... uh... Sep 18th, i think, got to see what was quite possibly the most sincere hour of television dealing with September 11th happenings.

People need to think before they start screaming for blood, becuase it just might be from the neighbor kid that just dropped out of college to join the Marines.

They also need to figure out what they want - unfettered civil liberties, or to live with some unbendy rules like the rest of the planet does.

The Onion proved that you can be funny and a little touching at the same time.

Every time I see new-patriots on TV, I just smile and think back to the night I told all my hippie friends I signed up for the military and took their flak for 4 hours (they still gave me a great sending off party, though.)

I'm glad sport took a little time off, but I'm really glad it's back. Even basebell, and i really hate what baseball does to my atetmpts to watch things on television.

I'm glad sex fell out of the top ten search terms for a while.

I certainly hope all this deep respect for the police and firemen and all the other emergency workers holds up. It is about fucking time.

Now it's just all about "getting back to normal", kids, or they win.

Slap Out

26 Sep 01

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