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Its good to see the internet acting like the tool it was designed to be.

the best linklist to information so far can be found here:

Idea - all you Perl monks out there with servers:
Mirror crucial info, spread the load.

Just tell AOL about where to find it,
they'll manage to tell everyone else -
eight to eleven freaking times, in fact.

Hell, I've even gotten spam that was actually trying to help.
(the rest of you fuckers, give it a rest for at least couple of days, willya?
The internet has a real need for all the bandwidth it can get
that for once isn't all about free porn)

                                                - SlappyJack


all-too-soon addendum:                                                

People, you ain't gonna BELIEVE this bullshit:

God Gave U.S. 'What We Deserve,' Falwell Says

I, for once, have nothing to say.


I did, however, find the New Yorkers Heckling Bush in NYC today pretty goddamn funny.

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