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Pop Quiz!

Take a good, long, close, hard look at the following two men:
Man Number One:

Man Number Two:

Now, which Statement describes only one of them?

  1. Magnetic to women.
  2. Slightly creepy.
  3. Gay as the day is long.
  4. You don't want to watch him run.
  5. Exceedingly poor taste in clothing, but...
  6. Looks smashing in a suit.

No, I'm not quite sure what prompted me to be mildly insulting to two people I know...

In other Newz, I wanna give a Big shout-out to the Chicago-Area fan club for passin' on Mad Phat Krazee Birthday Props to me thru my Old Lady.


I also wanna give Phat props to the Mystical G-Man for getting me a dope MoJo JoJo t-shirt.

And last but not least, the Supreme Ultimate I'm-not-worthy represent for the lovely and Beautiful Shadee for buying me videogames!

NOTE TO ANY AND ALL SINGLE BAY AREA MEN: Shadee is single, pretty, can cook like a motherfucker, and has an amazing rack. Email me if you're interested.


Slap Out

6 Sep 01

I apologize if you aren't one of the dozen people who thinks this is really funny...
or even gets it, for that matter.

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