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Just a drop of info...

According to this article 25.9% of the population of California was born in another country, 23.5% was born in another state.

Go read that just to look at the charts, it's very cool, and I think it explains a little of why this is a choice-ass city to live in.
[ Even if certain closeminded little pinheads not only won't rent office space to my company, but have the goddamn nerve to comapre us to a FUCKING ABORTION CLINIC.

The article also has this chart, which I reprinted without permission:

Languages spoken at home/Ability to speak English 
Percentage of population age 5 and over who:
                                               U.S.   California
Speak language other than English at home      17.6%     39.5% 
Speak Spanish                                  10.5%     25.7%
  Percentage of those in this category who:
Speak English well or very well                71.9%     69.0% 
Speak English not well or not at all           28.0%     31.0% 
Speak Asian or Pacific Island languages         2.7%      8.8% 
  Percentage of those in this category who:
Speak English well or very well                 77.3%    76.9% 
Speak English not well or not at all            22.7%    22.7%
Read SlappyJack                                  4.7%    32.1%

Dude, I'm not making that shit up. Really.

More importantly than all of that, Monday Night Football Premiered tonight. Denny, Danno, and Albino are once again weekly guests in my home for four hours a week.

Thank the Lord.

Slap Out

6 Aug 01

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