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At what cost, Spam?

I've decided to give up on the spam archives. It was just too much crap to keep up with and quite frankly, I don't want to spend storage space or the time writing an automatic parser on that bullshit.

It is an interesting cross view of the crap a guy can get in a give week, though. one of the pieces I got last weekend had a big image in it:

I mean, yeah, thats a cute baby, but what does it have to do with brushes? On top of that, the whole goddamn thing was encoded to Japanese or some other similarly written language. A language that at this point only a minority of the online population reads.

That picture plus the rest of the email is a roughly 32K file, exactly 33,190 bytes.

Every million copies of this spam equals 33,190,000,000 bytes flopping thyough the pipe. that's something along the lines of 30+ gigabytes, kids. Just for one piece of spam with a 22Kb image stuck into it.

Think about it.

Yeah, tell me this isn't harming the internet as a whole. I dare you.

Slap Out

6 Jul 01

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