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just pathetic.

Yesterday on the phone, my Grandfather, in an attempt to generate conversation, asks me, "Do you get Pickles in your funny papers?"

"Uh, no, grandpa. We read all our news off of the web."

I should have told him, "No, but I do read Penny Arcade." That would have just confised him to no end, assuming he could find a computer and avoided going to the OTHER Penny Arcade site.

Thats not what's pathetic, though. That's just your good old-fashioned generation gap.

This morning, when waiting to get on the MUNI, the first 5 Fulton I saw was - of course - jammed full. Thirty seconds later, the next bus comes along.

I notice that they had shifted new busses onto the 5 route in an attempt to make it run smoother.

For a brief second, a small part of me got really, really excited.

That is what was pathetic.

Slap Out

18 Jun 01

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