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SPAM from Slags.

So of course I get some spam this morning in my inbox...

Subject: Razor
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 20:17:00 -0500

6 ISSUES FOR Only $10

What is the hype all about?  See for yourself:
<a href="">Click to Enter Razor Mag</a>

RAZOR magazine rides the cutting edge of entertainment - going farther
than other magazines currently on the newsstands. RAZOR magazine 
delivers what the readers of North America want. Cutting edge articles,
interviews, music, sports, extreme fitness, galleries of beautiful women
and depth!

That was just the first 12% of the body of the email, which they couldn't figure out how to send properly as HTML so all hte tags they put in there look like stupid tags.


I've heard of Razor the magazine. Its all shiny pages with splashy art and some words in it and in general, as though they're nothing but trying to be the next generations Playboy without actually showing nipples.

Like Maxim
and Nerve

I could go on...

In other words, these are people that wanna be cool and hip and have their own space to sell advertising in. Things must not be going so well in Arizona, 'cause the sparky doys have resorted to sending Spam out from disposable domain names trying to pull traffic to their shitbag website that is nearly devoid of content other than a way to subscribe...

I just thought I'd show you my reply, and all yhe emails, so you can mock them, too. & are apparently the wunderkinds behind the site. Best hit them the hardest.

     Subject: And so...
        Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 09:28:00 -0700
        From: SlappyJack
         BCC:, DJA <>,

First you send me shitball spam, but I've actually HEARD of you - so
against my better thinking I go to the site.


*Shittily Done* Frames?

Your site looks like Ass.  I hope you're not paying these high school
web developers with more than a few peanut butter sammiches and maybe a
dream date or two with whomever the hell these models you dug up are.

You guys should be doubly embarassed by this boil on tha ass of the
internet that you've put together.  Do yourselves a favor and stick to
print, ok?

At least people can then use the pages to wipe their asses with.

Fuck you all, rookies.


          interacting with users...
                             lawsuit at a time

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------, by the way, is apparently away until thursday May 3rd. That's what his autoresponder told me. Not that that was just 4 days ago or anything...


Go to THIS PAGE, all their emails are there! Tell them what fuckheads they are! Wish death upon them!

Slap Out

7 May Apr 01

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