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Exercises in Usability.

So at work the other day the damn suits get in an argument with the creative guys about what the most effective way to wave links to sellable items under the users nose is.

This goes on for about fucking forever, arguing about things like how the average dumbass doesn't know how to take their $700 21" monitor and change the resolution from 640x480 and they're not smart enough to scroll and they need all the shit to show up on the first screen of the page and so on and so forth...

[note - I'm the one that said "dubmass", not the suits.]

After about 90 minutes of this stupid bullshit where the creatives are fighting the suit's tendancy to make every website as vanilla and PlaysKool as possible, I went into the coffee room and thought of making The WEB SHOPPING SIMULATOR.

I built it, brought it in, and put it on the desk.

Point made.

Of course the suits laughed and said it was stupid, but they got the point. (of course, the Dragon Lady said she didn't see the point, but she'll never admit I even have a point to make, so what else is new?)

The creatives loved it.

Here's a few more pix, feel free to spread them all over the web.

If you don't get it, you wouldn't understand an explanation.

Slap Out

25 Apr 01

UPDATE: 28 Apr 01
Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks this way...

Subject: You fucking GENIUS!!!
   Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 21:55:11 -0700
   From: Ben
     To: slappyjack

Tony you motherfucking genius you!  I could french kiss you right now!  I have 
been arguing usability with my boss for two weeks now.
Tomorrow morning I am going to build one of these and put it on his fucking head!
I think... I think I am in love with you!

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