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Gamera and Bill Gates.

Read all about it right here.

Yes, someone finally sat up all night one night and read the user agreement that was "signed" by all-a-y'all that uses Hotmail. Much like the fabled user agreement that raised hackles when Yahoo! tried to claim ownership of all content of all Geocities pages (and who the fuck would want ownership of that shit? Geocities has a few gems in there, but most of it is steaming, malodorous, dripping oozing piles of unwiped baby ass. Oh yeah, and free places to stick up pornography).

The best part of the posting on is the user remarks below it.

I could ramble on about the stupidity of suits here, but sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Yes, when I told the wife about this, she just said, "Uh, oh..." and looked at her computer as her fase dropped.


Friday night I went with shamus? and Spumanti to see a film at The Red Vic, quite possibly the greatest moviehouse I've even been to. (their site, however, doesnt work for shit in Netscape, so be warned).

Why was I there?

To see GAMERA 3: Revenge of IRIS! This was quite possibly the most I've enjoyed myself at a movie in a longass time.

[ I found the site for the first gamera film! ]

Not only was it enjoyable, but I was there for the first showing on opening night of the USA Premiere! Its a good flick. You probably won't get to see it unless you live in a hugeass city that supports indie movie houses, so I suggest you gas up the tank and plan a little road trip. Start driving. Its at the Vic till April 2nd.

The thing is, only about 45% of the movie even made a damn bit of sense. There were characters that must have been important in the first two films of the trilogy but now are just completing some subplot, but it didn't matter. I wanted to see big fat rubber suited guys dressed like monsters beating the snot out of each other, and thats what I got.

I also learned that Japan has a comittee specifically to deal with monsters, which we get to peek in on an hear such gems of dialogue such as:

"So, what Monster are we gong to be talking abuot today?"
"I don't know. I'm just trying to figure out why Japan keps getting attacked by Monsters."
These lines were delivered with all seriousness.

The Ultimate Guardian of the Universe
Gamera 3 description from the Vic's paper:
As a young girl, Ayana (Ai Maeda) lost her parents in a deadly battle between Gyaos and Gamera (Gamera:Guardian of the Universe). Now a teenager, she hates Gamera more than ever. The village where she and her brother are raised by her relatives has a small shrine near a cave where the mysterious "Ryuseicho" is said to sleep. People rarely visit the cave, but Ayana is curious and enters, finding a strange egg-shaped object. Asagi Kusanagi (Ayako Fujitani), the girl who could once see into Gamera's mind, can't stand the fact that the public thinks Gamera is their enemy. She finds Nagamine (Shinobu Nakayama) and explains to her how large numbers of Gyaos were born when Gamera's final battle with Legion (Gamera 2) changed the Earth's environment. The final confrontation begins in the ancient city of Kyoto. Is it true that Gamera has become the people's enemy? Don't miss the US Premiere of one the best monster movies to-date.
Please, go see this film. Theres a better description of the Vic at citysearch.

Yeah, this is what my life has deteriorated to. Updating on boring crap and watching the Pop Stars marathon on Mtv. oy.

I was thinking of letting the scum of the earth AOL-er's back into here.
What do you think? Should I?

Slap Out

30 Mar 01

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