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random blather.

I only post today because TJ doesn't think I update enough. That's because I spend all my time wondering if his last date is going to go anywhere further. I hope so. She sounds nice.

Everyone who plans on being a part of soceity in the near future should read this book.

My stupid wife has gotten me into watching the goddamn NCAA tournament for yet another year. Of course, the following things still remain true:

  • Everyone cheers for Gonzaga becasue they like to yell "GONZAGA! YEAH!"

  • I cheer for gonzaga becasue I know that when they lose the Jesuits beat their asses.

  • Syracuse still hasn't broken the tradition of choking when it matters, bringing back many painful memories of years of watching the pain weekend after weekend as a teenager.

  • The women's games are still more entertaining to watch, but I'm not sure if it's the chicks in shorts or the fact that they're actual student-athletes.

So we're watching TV and that stupid iMac commercial comes on where the guy is sitting in a theatre talking to musicians about "playing on his new CD"

At the end of it, shamus? sits bolt upright and yells "MY GOD! Those fuckers had Iggy Pop up there and they didn't give him any fucking lines?!?! Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!"

Music Nerds. Slap yours in the head today.

Acura is running this awful commercial that basically tries to sell cars by bringing back the 80's hallmark values of greed and workaholism. I only mention this here so I can say:

Kiss my Ass, Acura. I didn't buy into it 12 years ago, I'm not buying into it now.

Just in time for lent, i got this in my inbox today.

Everyone should attend a Big Gay Party of this magnitude at least once a year. You should also do it with shamus? there, because its fun to watch people drool all over him and then see his disgusted reaction.

I so cannot wait for my life to ramp up fully again (or at least for Tomb Raider to open). Much more daytime TV is gonna make me start thinking driving an airfreight truck isn't that bad of a job.

Slap Out

20 Mar 01

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