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takin' care of bidness.

I realise this is a few days late, but I have to take care of the official business...

My buddy Paul Just sent me word (in an email appropriately titled baby) that his experiment is now over and he finally managed to make a person of his very own. Rumor has it that his wife helped a bit.

After official checking, it was determinmed that Althea - though technically too small to have her own computer and thus officially exist as far as I'm concerned - became a person on March 4, 2001.

Welcome to the world, girlie. If youre lucky, one day your Daddy will let you meet your "Uncle Slap" and I can teach you how to use curse words, and give you a little pinch because after the announcment of your creation, I got to sit down with your "Auntie" and "talk" about baby names again.

Slap Out

13 Mar 01

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