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men things.

This is the type of stuff my life consists of:

Question posed:

Subject: Dude philosophy
   Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 15:43:53 -0600 (CST)
   From: G-man
     To: Slappyjack

so I met this girl last week at the gym, right? She's tall, cute, works
out, and used to row crew. I mean, isn't that everything we ask for? Tall,
cute, works out, rows crew? Anyway, so after a few small talk
conversations, it was time to ask her out. She told me she has a boyfriend,
which is all fine and good. Not a shocker. The lucky bastard can kiss my
ass, but that's another story, and all is still fine and good. 

She knew what the deal was. I made a joke about not really planning to invite 
that dude; she laughed. See ya around, see ya around... its all good. 

Which brings me to my second question, isn't that all we ask for second if 
we can't get the first? Straight, honest answer, laugh at my joke, ba da bing, 
ba da boom, no awkwardness whatsoever?
Why can't they all be this simple?

Answer given:

I think that chick, being an athlete, maybe had more testosterone in
her than most women. 

As we all know, Testerone is the hormone that promotes strength, humor,
the ability to drink more then 1 beer before we need to pee, emotional
stability, and rational thinking.


If you don't like the news, don't kill the messinger.
It doesn't change the way things are.

Slap Out

3 Mar 01

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RE: men things.

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