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i so do not need this.

I know its on her site, too, but i wrote it.
> Dude, are you even back yet?  I'm so confused.

the story so far:

- we're back from denver.
- we got in yesterday morning.
- we went to work.
- we went home at 4.15.
- someone had broken into our house.
- they took my computer.
- they took my monitor.
- tehy took the printer.
- they DID NOT take the Zip 250.
- They unplugged the entertainment center power sometime after the VCR -
taped Dark Angel.
- We did not get the latest West Wing on tape.
- fuckers.
- It looks like they were going to steal the TV and VCR and Stereo but
didn't want to take the time to unbundle all the cables I had twist tied
- We called the police.
- I called Paul, was going to call you but then the police showed up.
- The police were very nice.
- The wife told them she thinks the people across the alley from us are
drug dealers.
- I said "How the hell do you know that?"
- She then replied, in front of two officers and two detectives, "Anyone
who's hung out with drug dealers for any length of time would know..."
- She had all four officer's complete attention at this point, and
stopped talking.
- Detective xxxxxxxxxx gave me his phone number in case we saw any
drug deals going on across the alley.
- I then noticed they stole the pinky ring my father gave me for
Marissa's Baptism.
- fuckers.
- Paul called back and thinks we can get a new xxxxxx with a discount
through xxxxxxxx.
- I'm going to email xxxxxx my resume in a few minutes.

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In better news, someone has been hacking the shit out of Microsoft lately.

Even though someone just hacked my apartment, I cannot help but feeling anything but complete joy over this.

Slap Out

26 jan 01

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