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cap hill summers

"It's green," she says.

"No, they wouldn't paint it green. Thats the undercoat of old paint and the lightbulb they're using"

"No. It's green," she says.

What the hell does she know?

Across the alley the people are painting their apartment. I think they're doing it white, the g/f thinks it's green. Mina doesn't have an opinion on the debate. She's too busy lying perfectly still and trying not generate any heat in her body. It's like a eighty degrees outside and the freaking A/C is broken and its nine o'clock at night.

goddamn landlord-corporation dinks. I bet wherever the CEO lives has A/C.

even though I complain, this isn't too bad a place to live. The building is kinda crappy with the crappy air circulation and the mystery plumbing (will I get one whole shower without the water just stopping at least once? probably not), but the neighborhood's GREAT.

I live on Capitol hill, Denver. "Cap Hill" to the locals, and I tell you whut: It is one swingin' place. Walk to Downtown, walk to the Rockies games, walk to the Avalanche games. No need for an annoying car, 60 minutes to some of the best Mountains in North America.

That's all secondary right now.

When it gets really hot like this, there's only one place to take refuge: Charlie Brown's. Actually, I think the full name is "Charlie Brown's Bar and Grill", but that doesn't really matter.

Located in the bottom floor of the Colburn Hotel, CB's has got to be one of the best bars I have ever had the pleasure to hang out in. Dark and a bit on the smoky side (thank God I don't live in California), well - a lot on the smoky side, they have a bigass piano bar where the one and only Paulie plays 5 nights a week and on busy nights there are about a hundred people up there singing. They have a patio, but I'm not goin out there tonight. It's just too damn hot.

The best part of the place is that it feels like an oasis of home in a world slowly turning into the left coast. you can smoke 'till your lungs cry for help, the staff is gruff but lovable, the food is good (just the right amount of grease) - being healthy is the last concern, and dammit; you can just get good and boozed up and shoot the shit with your friends and not have to worry about being bothered by some pimply-faced kid dressed like a 1860's barber, or some inflated floozy with 6 square inches of clothing on, or some freaky granola workin his way through his botany degree so he can cross-pollinate the perfect hemp plant. you sit down, grab a drink (no hoy-folloy microbrewry on tap here. You're gonna drink the cheap stuff so you can get your twofers and LIKE IT), and talk to the local characters.

Yeah, I never believed Cheers would ever happen. I guess I was wrong.

It's too hot to type anymore, I'm goin for a beer. See ya there.

14 July 1998

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