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a whole new year of bullshit to come.

So another year has been survived, and another holiday season of travelling lived through. Follow the link to read up on that crap.

I didn't note that I cought a fuck of a cold the first friggin day, which made everything oh so much more cheery at sub-freezing temperatures, but I did.

Which brings me to this...
Simply because you are still stupid enough to live there, and I was forced to grow up in the area, that doesn't make my opinion about not being able to feel my fingers after walking to the car irrelevant, nor does it make me a baby for not willing to stay there.

Oh my GOD. This guy has the balls to go on national television and espouse the holy virtues of polygamy, and then we learn that his family is so fucking huge that he has to live on Government assistance.

That is just fucking wrong.

If you want to have 25 kids, fine.
If you want to deal with five women's menstrual cycles, you're an idiot, but fine.
If you want to raise tweaked kids that wouldn't survive outside the most rural areas, fine.

But FUCK YOU if you think you deserve the tax dollars my family gives to the government to help people in need because you don't think having a normal job jives with your religious freedom.

Fucker. I hope all his kids discover the joys of the modern world, drop his ass like a hot rock, and become hipie punk rockers that campaign for Jesse Ventura for president in 2008.

Its a new year, kids, and the world is just gonna get more and more fucked up...

In other ramblings:

I just finished both Ender's Shadow and All Tomorrow's Parties over the vacation. Good stuff. Go get 'em.

I also read Farenheit 451, which I'd never read, and basically kicked the hell out of me. Great stuff, if you weren't ever forced to read it. Most books are better to read when you aren't expected to puke out the information on a test anyway.

Those Blue Man Group commercials? Guys, give it up. Those things suck. Their page is sucky, too, if you care.

I hope they're better performers than they are web designers. The world needs performers more than it needs the web, anyway.

We're working on adjusting the site so fools that don't have their cookies turned on can shop there. I know its my job, and I get it done, but that doesn't mean I have to be quite and smile while I do it.

Look. Cookies ARE NOT EVIL. Yes, they can allow you to be followed, and eventually marketing people will glean the following information:

User 894234ne8iasdogaida9qe9awygf9q67wf likes to go to, gardening sites, and Playboy.

oooooooohhh.... scary!

So long as you don't go and give too much information to sites that you don't trust, that's about all they're going to know. So long as you're a little careful and don't act like a damnfool, you're ok.

Other Cookie Info:
~ Cookies CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR COMPUTER. peroid. It is not executable code.
~ Cookies are only a little bit of information mainly used to store "state". What does this mean? I means you can go to, pick out a bunch of items you'd like to buy, and then come back a few days later and not have to pick them all again.

Why does this make me angry? Mainly bacause the whole distrust of cookies came along roughly like this:

  1. It's a really slow news day a few years ago
  2. Some dumbass suit sees the word "cookie" in Wired or something
  3. Dumbass Suit assigns Talking Head to "research" the topic.
  4. Talking Head knows nothing of computers, but he konws his buzzwords, and puts together:
    1. cookies write to your hard drive
    2. some viruses write things on your hard drive
    3. Virus is a buzzword
    4. Buzzwords get primo airtime
    5. Making a cookie like a virus will get Talking Head primo airtime
    and so it happens.
  5. Talking head gets primo airtime and since there is DICK for news that day, major networks pick up the lead, run with it as fast as they can without being thorough, get a few quotes from local dorks that will say what the Suits wanna hear in exchange for being on TV with their popsicle stick model of the USS Enterprise

    and Blammo!

  6. You got:
    The TERROR lurking in your Computer! Cookies!
    It's that Goddamn Internet again!

    A Five Part series brought to you by people who couldn't send an email without a team of admistrative assistants to keep pulling the mouse from their asses.
...and the engineers all just have to keep shaking their heads and quitely grinding their teeth...

The best part of all this is that I get to argue the ethics of forcing the morons to learn otherwise -vs- increasing sales with my wife every damn day.


My cousin says to me while I'm home "Man, your site has some nasty shit on it! What the hell are you doing with that shit making fun of Bush?"

One of my best friend's mothers says " when I got up and heard Gore was declared the winner, I felt so sick I had to go directly back to bed."

My Dad wanted to take us to a new sushi place his buddy opened in the middle of central New York, but it got ixed by my brotehr and his wife because, "We don't eat chineese food."

Roughly 87 people asked me the same two questions:
    "When are the two of you having babies?"
    "When are the two of you moving back here?"

I drank a lot the week I was home.

Home Messages:

  Paul & Bouffant, I'm sorry I missed you last week.

  Hey Hutt's friend: I gave the fat fuck a t-shirt for christmas. He said he was going to re-gift it and give it to you.
If he does this, punch him in the crotch.

Pete Wilson from the channel 4 news in San Francisco is the best newscaster ever. This guy has stones so big he openly sneers at the crap thay give him to read.

Love you, Pete.

January is the month Police Departments all over the country reset their Homicide counts for the year.

Think on that one while you suck down your latte, Sparky.

Its a new year, kids, and it's just gonna get more and more fucked up...

happy new year.

Slap Out

2 Jan 01

filthy sez...

I love, cuz i can
navigate it with one hand.

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