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justice is served.

In news that just tickles me to no end, has blown its wad and is rapidly falling deep into the shitter. As I write this, they are currently being listed at just over 34 cents a share. The news fo the day says:
"eToys said Friday it expected to generate between $120 million and $130 million in revenues in its fiscal third quarter, down from previous estimates of $210 million to $240 million"
I hope you all feel as good about this as I do.

"But why, Slappo? Why are you so hapy abot the misfortunes of others."

Remember the lawsuit? Rememebr when these assholes were so driven by greed that they tried to steal the domain name of from a bunch of euro-artsy-fartsy types because they thought it was confusing to the customers?

Was it the artsy fartsy guy's fault that the average american consumer has the intelligence of a deer tick? no.

Who had their domain name first, but many many years? The euro-artsy-fartsy types, that's who.

Yet felt that had to burn a shitload in legal fees to sry to bully an independent art group so they could more easily gather customers that, as it turns out, couldn't get their orders shipped to them on time anyway.

That's why I'm happy. I hope to see eToys' CEO servin me fries in a few months. is doing just fine, last I checked.

Power to the People, baby.

Slap Out

19 Dec 00

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