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hunting high and low.

So, I was listening to the radio, and the U2 song Beautiful Day comes on, and I think, "Man, I do like this song..."

Then it hits me - "This song sounds a lot like The Sun Always Shines on TV by euro-synth-pop-supergroup a-ha.

Really, it does. Dig out your old Hunting High and Low and listen.

Or go get both of the songs on Napster and play them in rotation. Not so far fetched, eh? I know they don't sound exactly alike or anything, but that chorus starts out sounding pretty damn close, and a-ha has far better synth

Then I went to the trusty Google and looked up a-ha and much to my joy a-ha is still around, and they even have their own website.

I didn't want to be incomplete, so i went to the site of U2. Now the fact that they have a sitre comes as a surprise to noone, being that they're a monolithic force of ultra-serious ROCK SUPER STARDOM and their core group of first fans are now into their mid-thirties and want their bands to not only be hip, but smart and concerned about the earth and all that shit.

In order to seem hip and powerful and yet still show they are creative artistes that have the cash to burn, they dumped a shitload of cash into hiring a bitchload of flash programmers and then built a site so intensive they

Recommend that "you close any unnecessary programmes"
because you're supposedly
"to be some time"

The main page took me a minute to load on my ASYNCHRONOUS DSL Line. ADSL from PacBell in San Francisco gives you like 384Kbps on a clear day. That's right. Don't go tryin to see U2 with your 56K modem, sparky.

a-ha's site has simple little flash jobbies that loaded in about a second for me. They are also PHP powered. (If you are thinking of learning a scripting language, go learn PHP. Its free. Unlike other, shittier, scripting for website options.)

THEN they fill one of their frames with a Java Crapplet that contains band info in between bits of news about things like Chernobyl and World AIDS day. Now, I have no problem with world awareness, but I typically go to sites like CNN when I want news, Mr Bono.

a-ha's site is all about them. Of course, half the site is unfinished, but at least it loaded at a good speed, and the pictures of Magne, Paul, and Morten weren't all dark an moody. That Morten is so dreamy...

What am I getting at? Nothing really. I just wanted to bring forward the fact that one of the mega-groups of this time are possibly borrowing ideas from other bands, and for being mega-stars, they got a shitty ass site; as opposed to the mostly-dropped-off-the-planet guys they borrowed from who have somehting that at least is usable

That's all. I'm goin out to get a-ha's latest this week, and I'm not going to worry about my friends for making fun of me for liking euro-trash music this time. (i daily thank the good lord for getting my ass out of the finger lakes and their classic rock culture of "gettin' the led out" every 12 minutes)

A few other bits of bilt to spit out.

Guys, why aren't you writing in porn like I requested? We got another scorcher this week. Twenty-one pages of crap, most of the sentences linked together with the little three trailing dot thing, like this '...'

I konw my grammar and spelling aren't the best, but I pay out of my own pocket to put this shit up and i don't make anyone proofread it.

Notes for the advertising industry:
  • Sony gets the big fuck you for pussying out and not running their We got santa ad campaign. You guys need to grow a pair.

  • Hey Gap. Using The Little Drummer Boy to sell overprioced clothing made by poor people is a great way to get your ticket punched for the Hell Express. I hope you like it hot!

  • TiVo: Your ad about jock itch is hysterical. Why the hell don't you run it nationally? The midwest isn't ever gonna be considered "sophisticated" if you don't goose them along a little.

Yeah, that's about it. I'm just trying to get in as much online time as possible before I'm trapped in the most depressed regions of the Northeast with nothing but a dialup and my wife's friggin iBook.
Mini-story from after the party:

After the cleanup of the party we set out for some food. Across the street, Joc noticed a cat sitting inside a big picture window. Chris Foley Number One said:
"You know, it would take not one, but two snipers to kill that cat, because it is behind the glass."

Slap Out

17 Dec 00

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