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more christmas joy.

Of course, this could be ANY day.... Hey, fuckers... this was the scene at my christmas party... This guy can tell you more about your genitals than you care to know.

i love christmas

You so wish you were me.


Events like this is why I haven't updated all that often. Busy busy busy as hell....

As I type this, the lovely wife is doing a radio show with this woman and talking about sex toys. Oh my god.

If you can, I'd get on there and try to listen now...

good god.

I wish i could get a transcript of this, because it is SO FREAKISH!

The wife just said, "When you're going to haver sex with your dog, remember: Lubricant, Lubricant, Lubricant."

That's how freeakish this is. I even got to talk on the phone. Freakish, freakish, freakish Canadians.


Merry christmas from Sparky, the mentally-deficient reindeer. ho. ho. ho.

Slap Out

15 Dec 00

Lookit them friggin geeks sitting behind me.

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