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election commentary.

Senior Trick had this to say about the elections...


<quoted from cnn>

"Let me make sure I understand," protested Bush, his victory speech in hand. "You're calling me back to retract your concession?"

"You don't have to get snippy about this," Gore protested.

Do we really want a President that says "snippy"?

my thoughts are that getting down to a 229 ballot count difference in overtime is making this election more like the superbowl every minute. add into that that the best things about it were the commercials and the fact that since I hate both of these guys about as much as I hate football, I couldn't care less who wins. somebody tell Nader to pass me the potato chips.

- trick

DISCLAIMER: The comments of Mr. Xxxxxxx are his own and should not be confused with support for the Republican party. He has always publicly denounced their platform, never understanding how you can guarantee men the right to have guns, but deny women the same right to have Planned Parenthood. Instruments of death should be available to all Americans, especially in Florida where they aren't smart enough to fill out a ballot.


BK sent me this now-circulating-the-planet-in-emails image of a proposed florida ballot should they re-vote

thanks to the media, the jokes just write themselves.

Slap Out

10 Nov 00

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