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wedding thoughts deux.

The two regular readers I have may have noticed I haven't made any changes to this thing in a few weeks.

Since you've been wondering, I went on vacation for a week and a half ; back to the land of my parents - upstate New York. It was actually not as traumatic a trip as I thought it would be. Saw the parents (still as crazy as ever) and my brother's family (the baby even learned my name!). Saw a bunch of old friends, yadda yadda yadda...

...but the best two things:

We, that is - the girlfriend and I, took the TRAIN. It was the coolest damn thing I've done on a trip. Well, travelwise. We had a sleeper cabin (I doubt the coach car would have qualified as the coolest ever), but that wasn't the best part of the train.

The colest thing was, of all places, was the smoking car. You get a bunch of people trapped on a big 60 mile an hour hunk of metal and they all have to sit in the same area to partake of their disgusting habit (but I still do it, so close that email window) and drink a few beers, it naturally morphs into a cool little party. It was actually a fairly diverse group of people down there; and unlike being on a plane they're not all concentrating on getting where they are going and getting on with their lives, so you can actually have some real conversation.

now that I think of it, not sitting with your knees pushed up to your chest may make people a little more personable too...

The reason we went home ("home" now being a relative term that I live 1600 miles from the 'rents) was for another wedding. My cousin Kristin and her fabu now-hub Billy tied the proverbial knot on the 28th. Congrats! Kris did a kick-ass job as a bride, especially when you consider the fact that she got food poisioning two days before and managed to not throw up even ONE TIME!

Wotta Chick!

I also got the ultimate wedding opportunity of embarrassing the shit out of the girlfriend in front of my Dad's entire extended family. "Why would you do such a thing?!?!?" you ask?

Well, I'll tell you.

When the time for the traditional bouquet-throwing came up, she absolutely refused to go up there when i mentioned it. Unbeknownst to her, my Dad's cousins had different plans...

Lori and Roe run up from behind, force my other half onto the dance floor and even though she tried to hide over on the side, the damn thing just about beans her in the head. After many a threat from her I manage to get the garter and the rest was history.

They say when you do that whole little ceremony, every inch above the knee the garter goes is 5 years good luck for the newlyweds. Let's just leave it to say that Billy and Kris are gonna have luck untill they're well into their eighties...

God, I love weddings!

Slap out.


7 July 1998

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